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Traits of the Best DUI Attorneys
July 11, 2023 at 4:00 AM
Traits of the Best DUI Attorneys

It’s no secret that a DUI charge and conviction can change your life. That’s why you need an attorney that you can trust to walk you through the legal process and represent you in court. This article will discuss the traits of the best DUI attorneys.

1. Great investigative and research skills

Of all the vital skills DUI attorneys need, investigation and research are the most essential. An attorney should be able to sift through evidence with keen eyes to conclude what happened and the best way to craft a defense for you. The reason why is that a prosecutor will use eyewitnesses, breathalyzer results, and more to demonstrate that you were guilty. The best DUI attorneys can use evidence and look for key details that can help benefit your case.

2. Strong negotiation skills

Negotiation is one of the most essential skills that a DUI attorney can possess. The most effective lawyers know that listening and learning can improve negotiation strategies. Without practice and continuous education, your attorney may lose the upper hand to another prosecutor.

The best DUI lawyers will ask you a considerable number of questions and review the case from every possible angle and explore all scenarios. Even the most minute details can prove to be significant.

3. Being objective

Attorneys are constitutionally obligated to help you win your case or get you as favorable an outcome as possible. They should never mention or reflect on their personal beliefs about your guilt. Instead, your DUI attorney should work on proving your innocence.

However, experienced DUI attorneys will want to know about any prior convictions you may have had. But they will always use that information to stay up-to-date and focused on your case. They will also not accept police or prosecutor’s statements at face value. Instead, they will collect their own evidence that will likely provide critical and relevant information for your case. An experienced attorney will build your case on facts, not opinions.

4. Positive referrals

If you’re searching for the best DUI attorney for your situation, the best place to start is by asking for recommendations from family members and friends. It can’t hurt to speak with others in similar situations, and you may be referred to a highly qualified professional.

However, if you don’t want to speak with others about your situation, you can always read online reviews or ask an attorney for past references. Talking to these people will help you understand the attorney’s style and how they work. You should then use this information to decide whether the attorney’s approach aligns with what you’re looking for.

5. Impeccable communication skills

Communication is at the heart of an attorney’s job. They must persuade others that their representation of the truth is worth believing. And this requires an attorney to speak and write clearly and effectively.

However, this does not just apply to the courtroom. You will want a lawyer who will give you the attention you need and deserve for your case.

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