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What our clients say

Client testimonials
What some recent clients say about their experience with Taxman DUI Defense

Legal problems are always difficult, with major consequences for failure. Hear how these actual clients felt after working with Taxman DUI Defense.

Highly Recommend

Things seem to be moving along steadily. Steven has always answered my emails and calls promptly and in a language I can understand. Not all attorneys do that. Steven is very detailed and makes me feel good he covers every detail so I don’t need to ask. I am comfortable Steven is representing and protecting me in the best possible way. He is not afraid of the big dogs.

- Frank D.

Very good experience

I ran into some legal issues a while back and felt I had been treated unfairly. I actually found Steven's number in the phonebook and was a little weary about calling a lawyer out of the yellow pages. Boy did I pick the right person to call. He has done an excellent job representing me and for a very reasonable price. I'm very glad I contacted Mr. Taxman and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who has found themselves in need of a good lawyer. Thank you Steven.

- Grant S.

High-Quality Criminal Defense Legal Services

We were able to retain Steve as our lawyer for our grandson who had a big issue. Steve was always there whenever we needed to talk about the issue He made every effort possible to help us. He is a very caring person who takes everyone’s problems very seriously. We were able to call him at any time when we had questions and he seemed to be almost a part of the family with his sincerity. He worked very hard to deliver high quality legal services. We were satisfied with the results that we were able to get. He is still available for advice when we call….He is very professional and seems highly experienced in his job. Good team with his assistant Kevin. We would highly recommend him for services….A & G

- Gary S.

"Steven took care of everything, literally everything involved with my case. He worked tremendously hard to get me the best outcome I could have gotten and he went above and beyond to get everything handled so I didn't have to stress or worry about anything. OUTSTANDING service, communication, accountability, and outcome. I couldn't of asked for anything better!"

- Natalie O.


Steve Taxman represented me for a year and a half. He knows the law and is amazing in the court room. I had never been in any kind of trouble before and I was a wreck. Steve helped me every step of the way. His honesty, clear communication, and passion for his job made me feel confident in my case. He dedicated so much of his time and hard work to my case and all at a fair price. He made every effort to make sure that I understood exactly what was happening and what was required of me. I couldn’t be happier with the results that he was able to give me, especially in the difficult county and situation that I was in. If you need someone to represent you, call Steve Taxman… you will not be disappointed.

- Katie R.

One of the best

Steven Taxman is the epitome of an ideal legal representation. His breadth of knowledge and experience is portrayed not only in dealing with clients but the quality of work and documents produced. He worked tirelessly to ensure that every possible avenue was explored to attain the best possible outcome for his clients. He fosters a consistent and informative line of communication, so that the client is always well informed with the specifics of their case. When I had minor concerns about certain facets, he was always available to answer questions. Even when we didn't get a desired result, he was always ready and willing to make sure that the original judge’s decision was unacceptable He is an extremely trust worthy individual and allows you to be comfortable through the entire process. He represented me for roughly two years and I couldn't have wished for better representation. Exemplary is the best word to describe Steven Taxman and you shouldn't hesitate to contact him if you ever need his legal expertise.

-Aaron Wong

I trusted Steven Taxman, so should you!

I am very satisfied, Steven Taxman was on my case from the first time I called him because I had hired another lawyer who I felt did not do a good job. Steven then got all the details of my case handled to prove my innocence, trust in him was key. He helped me through every step of the criminal court process until he got my case dismissed because he knows how to do his job. I will forever be great full that I have peace and innocence back in my life. I was facing very serious criminal charges with the chance of going to prison. Steven was direct and very straightforward, he helped me stay clear and focused on the best approach and amazing outcome. Steven Taxman saved my life. He really is the best.

Carl I.