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Fight the Charges With a Top DUI Lawyer

If you are facing charges in California for a DUI or other crime, proactively contacting a lawyer is your best option. Many people successfully avoid a potential conviction with the help of DUI Lawyer Steven Taxman. Located in Sacramento, CA, the Law Firm of Steven Taxman is a top-rated firm in Northern California for DUI.


Mr. Taxman fully understands the ramifications of a criminal conviction, and he is passionate about protecting his client’s rights. He will pursue every potential avenue to preserve your freedom, reputation, and livelihood. To schedule a consultation with Steven Taxman, please contact our office today.

Top DUI Lawyer in Roseville

Defense for Criminal Allegations

There is never a reason to assume you must plead guilty and accept the consequences, such as the immediate loss of your driver's license. Whether for DUI, drug crimes, or charges of violence, you are innocent until proven guilty. Speak to an experienced lawyer and discuss the rights and options that are available to you.

After 20 years of practicing criminal defense law, Steven Taxman knows every aspect of the justice system. He understands police protocol, rules of evidence, court procedure, penalties, and California judges and juries. Unlike other attorneys, Mr. Taxman does not utilize plea bargaining as his primary strategy. He knows how to fight criminal allegations and win.

DUI Damage Control

DUI’s are a primary focus of our law office, and we have helped hundreds of clients avoid immediate and long-term penalties. We can keep you out of jail and help you retain driving privileges. Representing you at a DMV hearing, we can postpone or potentially avoid suspension of your license.

Mr. Taxman will examine and question all of the prosecution's evidence in your case, including DUI testing results. He targets procedural errors and police protocol, utilizing expert witnesses in many cases.

We consistently obtain outstanding results for DUI and criminal defense cases because we are passionate about helping our clients. We understand what is at stake, and we care deeply about your outcome.

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