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3 things to share with a Sacramento DUI defense attorney
August 4, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A woman reading a bok in a library. Educating yourself and informing your Sacramento DUI defense attorney is your best route to success in the courtroom.

When a DUI charge is imminent, the stakes are high. A DUI conviction can severely alter your life, and it can haunt you for years to come. The sheer magnitude of these consequences makes it imperative to contact a Sacramento DUI defense attorney. Luckily, with Taxman DUI Defense, we’re passionate about protecting clients' rights and preserving their freedom, reputation, and livelihood. With over 20 years of law experience, I have helped hundreds of clients avoid immediate and long-term penalties.

Here are 3 things to share with a DUI lawyer:

1. Past convictions

One of the most crucial pieces of information to share with your Sacramento DUI defense attorney is your past criminal offenses.

Your criminal record is vital because it can be detrimental to your sentencing if convicted and affect negotiations and potential pleas. This is particularly true if you have a record of drug or alcohol-related crime.

It’s imperative to be open and honest with your lawyer about your criminal record. Without these crucial pieces of information, it’s difficult for your attorney to build a strong case, and it can blindside your lawyer in the courtroom.

Remember your attorney isn’t going to judge you if you share this information. Your attorney will help you, and knowing the entire truth is the surest way to do so. With Taxman DUI Defense, the truth is an asset at your disposal.

2. Everything about the stop

Several pieces of information are essential to divulge to your Sacramento DUI defense attorney about the stop itself, too. It’s imperative to provide a full account of events.

If you answered any questions during the stop, your lawyer must know what they asked and what you answered. These answers will be used against you in the courtroom. Your attorney needs to know what to anticipate to build a sound defense.

Also, tell your attorney if you performed any field sobriety tests. FSTs are protocol if they have reason to suspect you’re under the influence. If you performed them well, inform your attorney. Conversely, if you performed badly, still inform them.

Remember that dash-mounted cameras will probably capture the test, as well as the rest of the interaction. Your attorney can ask for a copy of these videos to review so they can determine if it helps or hurts your case.

Fortunately, with Taxman DUI Defense, we just ask for transparency regarding the stop, and we guarantee to turn it into a weapon in the courtroom.

3. Medical history

While this may seem strange to share with your Sacramento DUI defense attorney, it can go a long way in helping your defense.

The reason is that certain medical conditions can help your case. Medical conditions can impact how well you’re able to perform field sobriety tests, and they can even affect the breathalyzer they administer.

If you have gastric reflux, this could affect the breath test results. More importantly, if you’re injured, this could impact how well you perform sobriety tests. Even legally prescribed medication can be vital to your defense, particularly if you didn’t anticipate how it impairs your ability to drive.

All of this information about your medical history could, in some ways, be your best defense when combating a DUI charge, and a good lawyer will be able to leverage this information to your advantage.

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If you’re facing DUI charges, contacting a competent Sacramento DUI defense attorney is imperative. Luckily, at Taxman DUI Defense, you get an incomparable defense and a lawyer committed to preserving your future. With over 20 years of experience, I’ve helped hundreds of clients avoid severe repercussions. Schedule a consultation now! Together, we can conquer the courtroom and preserve your freedom.