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3 ways to prepare for your DMV hearing in Sacramento
September 22, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A woman working on a computer. Doing your due diligence is critical when preparing for your DMV hearing in Sacramento.

If you were arrested for driving under the influence, you don’t need us to tell you what’s at stake. A DUI conviction is a specter that follows you for your entire life, and thoroughly preparing for your DMV hearing in Sacramento is critical. Luckily, at Taxman DUI Defense, I can help. Interpreting the law and identifying beneficial information to your defense requires extensive training, experience, and expertise. I have over 20 years of experience, and my track record speaks for itself.

Here’s how to prepare for your DMV hearing:

Write down everything that happened

When preparing for your DMV hearing in Sacramento, write down everything that happened the day you were arrested.

Each DUI case is different, and the circumstances surrounding your case are crucial to examine. Writing down everything that happened is the best way to ensure you don’t forget and omit any essential details.

However, if you were mildly or significantly inebriated, remembering everything about your arrest is difficult. If there were witnesses, ask for their accounts to see if you forgot anything. Record every detail, especially the moments leading up to and during the arrest.

If you’re unsure what details can help your case, it’s crucial to consult with a DUI attorney. Luckily, at Taxman DUI Defense, I’ll identify key details to preserve your freedom and reputation.

Review the police report

Secondly, to prepare for your DMV hearing in Sacramento, carefully examine the police report. Be vigilant for any details that could be advantageous.

For example, if the arresting officer wrote you were taken into custody on a rainy day at 5:00 PM but it occurred on a sunny day at 10:30 AM, this can undermine the officer’s credibility. This discrepancy can even give you grounds to question their competence and ability.

However, there are innumerable inconsistencies you can leverage to your advantage, such as:

  • When the officer administered the test.
  • The accuracy of the blood alcohol content (BAC) test.
  • Whether or not the officer detailed the consequences of refusing a test.
  • Whether or not there was a proper “observation period” before the test.
  • The legal procedures they took.

This is just scratching the surface. Carefully peruse the report and document inconsistencies to present during your hearing to ensure your freedom and reputation stay intact.

Submit a subpoena for dashcam footage

Lastly, it’s crucial to review the dashcam footage when preparing for your DMV hearing in Sacramento. Obtaining dashcam footage requires submitting a subpoena.

Check SDT at the top of your forms and submit a subpoena for this footage as soon as possible. Dashcam footage is crucial for you and your appeal because you can cross-reference the police report with what’s transpiring on camera.

Especially if you were intoxicated, this is an invaluable opportunity you can’t afford to miss. Dashcam footage enables you to review what transpired and identify transgressions made by the arresting officer you wouldn’t have otherwise seen or remembered.

However, understanding how to interpret and utilize police reports and dashcam footage is difficult. Moreover, fully understanding what is valuable to your defense and what isn’t requires extensive education, experience, and considerable acumen.

Fortunately, at Taxman DUI Defense, we’re fully capable of transforming the police report filed against you into your greatest asset.

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If you were arrested for driving under the influence, it’s imperative to contact a skilled and experienced attorney immediately. Luckily, at Taxman DUI Defense, I have over 20 years of experience consistently obtaining outstanding results for DUI defense cases. I understand that this is about more than your record; this is about your freedom, reputation, and livelihood. Schedule a consultation now! With Taxman, you always have a home-court advantage.