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DUI Defense Lawyers Explain What to Do After Being Arrested
May 23, 2021 at 11:00 PM
DUI Defense Lawyers Explain What to Do After Being Arrested

After getting arrested for a DUI, imagining the consequences for your driving license, your employment, and your family and friends can send you into a panic. But panicking is the last thing you want to do in this case.

Instead, you want to ensure that you don’t implicate yourself further and start working toward the best possible outcome.

Taxman DUI Defense lawyers represent individuals in similar circumstances to you. Because we understand how difficult this time can be, we’d like you to know what steps to take.

1. Look for DUI defense lawyers

When charged with DUI, your most immediate need is a lawyer to defend you. Although it may feel like an open-and-shut case, there could be opportunities to improve your position.

For example, your attorney may be able to find a breach of your constitutional rights in how the evidence was collected.

The earlier you can find a lawyer, the greater the chances that they’ll gather the level of detail needed for the strongest possible defense. In addition, finding a lawyer ensures that you’ll have help with the other steps that you’ll need to take.

Not only does this make the legal proceedings that follow much less daunting for you, but it’s also an added assurance that you won’t make errors that increase your chance of conviction.

2. Schedule a hearing with the DMV

After you’re arrested for a DUI in California, the police typically confiscate your license. The DMV issues you another one that’s valid for 30 days.

You can only get your license back if you request a hearing with the DMV less than 10 days after the day of your arrest. If you fail to do so, you lose your permission to drive after the temporary 30-day license expires.

You make the hearing request to a Driver Safety Office that’s within the same county where you were arrested. You can do this over the phone or by fax.

It’s crucial to ask for “discovery” during your call. That simply means the police report that documents the DUI. Having the record makes it likelier that your DUI defense lawyer will be able to build a strong legal strategy.

If you start by finding an attorney, they’ll handle this process for you.

At your hearing, your lawyer will present your case to a DMV officer and argue why you shouldn’t have your license suspended.

3. Record everything you remember

The facts of what happened on the day you were stopped heavily influence the outcome of your case. That’s why you should try to write down everything you remember while the memories are fresh.

Your recollection also helps your attorney with structuring your defense.

Important details include:

  • Your conversation with the officers
  • Sobriety tests you performed and how they were administered
  • The reasons officers gave for stopping you
  • Your driving speed, breath alcohol content, and any other information that was noted at the time

Fight for your rights with experienced DUI defense lawyers

Taxman DUI Defense has provided legal representation to people charged with drunk driving in Northern California for over 20 years. We have earned a reputation for having charges dismissed, helping our clients achieve non-guilty verdicts, and getting reduced penalties for defendants.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, our lawyers are ready to defend your rights and ensure that you get a free trial.

Call us today at 916-619-7200 or fill out our online form to get a DUI attorney working on your case.