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Can a DUI Lawyer Help After You’ve Pled Guilty?
January 20, 2022 at 10:30 PM
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When you’re arrested for a DUI, your future becomes uncertain. You’re facing time-consuming and expensive consequences that can last for years if you don’t have a skilled advocate at your side. DUI lawyers know the system and will provide experienced guidance regarding your case. From police procedures to testing methods, a DUI lawyer evaluates your arrest for opportunities to suppress evidence, fight the charges, and keep your license. Many defendants don’t realize they have options after being charged with a DUI. If you’ve already pled guilty, you might be wondering if a DUI lawyer can help you with your case.

Talk with a DUI lawyer as soon as you’re charged with a DUI.

You should speak with an attorney whenever you face criminal and drunk driving charges. The legal system isn’t designed for the layperson to navigate independently. Defense lawyers spend years in school and gain years of experience before launching their own firms.

Taxman DUI Defense brings over two decades of criminal defense experience to all our clients. We’re able to advocate effectively for them in court, mitigating the severity of consequences for DUI charges.

Your first time in traffic court will likely be for your arraignment; when you bring a DUI lawyer, they provide expertise for whether you should plead the case or take it to court. There’s no advantage to pleading guilty during your arraignment.

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What happens when you plead guilty to a DUI?

If you choose to plead guilty or no contest to DUI charges, you surrender some of your constitutional rights, such as the rights to:

  • Counsel if unrepresented
  • A jury trial
  • Not self-incriminate
  • Confront and self-examine accusers

By pleading guilty or no contest, defendants acknowledge they understand the charges against them and admit to the illegal conduct.

Is pleading guilty the same as a conviction?

After a defendant pleads guilty, the court enters a conviction for your case. It’s the same as if a defendant receives a guilty verdict from a court case. For the most part, DUI charges are considered misdemeanors.

However, if you have previous convictions for DUIs or aggravating circumstances in the case, it may be a felony. There are long-term consequences for a felony conviction, including deportation for those who aren’t U.S. citizens.

Whether your charges are misdemeanor or felony, don’t plead guilty without first talking to a DUI lawyer.

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How can a DUI lawyer help with drunk driving charges?

As soon as you’re charged with a DUI or DWI, contact an experienced defense attorney. They’ll evaluate your case and give you expert advice for whether you should agree to a plea deal or take your case to trial.

Many DUI lawyers have a team of experts who will examine your case, potentially suppressing the evidence against you due to constitutional violations. They’ll work with investigators, toxicologists, and experts to have your case dismissed and the legal and personal consequences mitigated.

Taxman DUI Defense is a California DUI lawyer who helps clients with effective, tenacious defense strategies.

Taxman DUI understands how life-altering a DUI conviction is; that’s why we’re tenacious advocates for our clients against the severe penalties handed down in traffic court. I’m a top criminal and drunk driving attorney known for delivering results, whatever charges you might be facing. I bring a team of experts to your defense, including forensic toxicologists and police procedure experts. Facing a DUI is intimidating. When you have an expert at your side in court, you can confront it head-on with confidence, minimize the repercussions, and move on with your life.

Whatever you do, don’t plead guilty until you’ve talked with a DUI lawyer like Taxman DUI Defense.