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What to Do According to a DUI Accident Attorney
May 25, 2023 at 4:00 AM
Three man in a car.

Being involved in an auto accident is always stressful, but it can become even more overwhelming if you’re at fault and you’ve consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel. DUI accidents can have a significant impact on a person’s life, but if it’s happened to you, it’s essential that you know you have options.

Our DUI accident attorneys have helped many individuals who have gotten involved in an accident while under the influence. While the situation may seem dire, you’ll have a better chance of getting a desirable outcome if you follow these tips.

A DUI accident attorney’s defense tips.

Never leave the scene.

If you’re ever involved in an accident where alcohol or drugs are involved, it’s not uncommon to have a gut instinct to leave the scene. People are panicked and scared, so the thought makes sense, but it’s something you should never do. If you do leave the scene and the police find you later on, it will only exasperate your legal troubles. Instead, the best thing you can do is to check on everyone’s safety and immediately dial 911 to inform them of the situation. After you’ve made the call, calmly wait for the authorities to arrive.

Gather evidence.

Regardless of whether you think you’ll have to go in front of a judge or jury, it’s always best to gather evidence while you’re still on the scene of the accident. You can use your phones to document the scene, taking pictures of the vehicles involved as well as the surrounding areas. If there are any witnesses nearby, it’s helpful to ask if they’d be willing to provide their names and phone numbers. This can help your attorney better understand the circumstances surrounding your unique case so they can provide the best legal assistance possible.

Get medical attention.

Even if you think you’ve walked away from the accident unscathed, it’s always recommended to visit a medical professional shortly after the incident. Car accident injuries may not be apparent for days or weeks involving the event, and you might’ve suffered injuries that you’re unaware of in the immediate aftermath. Visiting a doctor will give you peace of mind or get you the attention you need.

Medical consultation

Keep records.

If you want to give your DUI accident attorney their best chance at helping you, it’s always recommended that you obtain and keep copies of all documents related to the incident. This includes any accident reports drafted by the police. It goes beyond that, however. You should also keep records of any medical bills, repair costs to your vehicle, and records of lost wages. Understanding the full scope of how this accident affected you can help mitigate damages if the other driver is at fault.

Hire a DUI accident attorney.

No matter how dire the situation may seem, you’re always best off hiring a DUI accident attorney. Even if you are at fault, hiring the right legal defense can drastically diminish the impact the incident has on your life. Hiring a lawyer could be the difference between getting off entirely, getting charged but maintaining your driving privileges, or getting hit with the full force of the law.

Have you been involved in a DUI accident?

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